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We are engaged in business of manufacturing, trading importing and exporting of best quality Notebook Making Machine, Camphor Making Machine, Paper Plate Making Machine, Slipper Making Machine and many more.

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In 2008, a new Private Limited Company was established, specializing in the production of various machinery, including Manual Paper Plate Making Machines, Automatic Paper Plate Making Machines, Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machines, Dona Plate Making Machines, Dona Making Machines, Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machines, All-in-One Paper Plate Making Machines, and Hand Press Machine Manufacturing Machines, among other products and services.


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In Bihar, Automatic Paper plate making machines in Bihar have become a necessity for daily life. They are utilised in a variety of locations, including restaurants, houses, outdoor gatherings, and picnics in Bihar, among others. These plates are produced in Patna by paper plate manufacturing equipment, such as the Semi-automatic paper plate-making machine in Bihar and the Manual paper plate making machine in Bihar. It is a machine that uses paper pulp to make disposable plates, including Dona making machines in Bihar and Dona plate making machines in Bihar.

Businesses in Bihar that need to swiftly and effectively create a big volume of paper plates should invest in this equipment. The Bihar machine is made to take the paper pulp and turn it into a finished product. Cutting, pressing, and moulding are some of the procedures in Bihar’s machine-assisted production of paper plates. Your lookup for the Top Bihar Paper Plate Making Machine Manufacturers final segment is Creative Industries.

The size and capacity of the machine should be taken into account when selecting one in Bihar. In Bihar, there are many kinds of paper plate-making equipment, including fully automatic paper plate-making machines in Bihar, Hydraulic paper plate-making machines in Bihar, including Double die paper plate-making machines in Bihar, and Single-die paper plate-making machines in Bihar.

Automatic Hydraulic Paper Plate Machine Suppliers (Bihar)

offer the most effective and dependable automatic hydraulic paper plate-making equipment in Bihar. They can create a huge number of plates quickly and are built in Bihar to run continuously. We are the leading Automatic Hydraulic Paper Plate Machine in Bihar Exporter in Bihar, and we provide a large selection of equipment made to suit the requirements of diverse industries.

Our machines in Bihar are available in a variety of sizes, powers, and price points, making it simple for the need to pick the appropriate one depending on your spending limit and production needs. International standards were followed in the design of our Bihar machines. These machines in Bihar are made with premium components and are long-lasting. Businesses in Bihar may get assistance anytime they need it thanks to the warranty and after-sales support they come with. If your company has to swiftly and effectively produce a large number of paper plates, our paper plate-making machines in Bihar are a crucial investment.


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I was in search of a detergent powder-making machine that could meet my needs when I came across Creative Industries. I was impressed by their wide range of machines of the best possible quality. The machine is easy to operate, requires minimal maintenance, and has helped me save on labor costs. I would recommend Creative Industries to anyone looking to start a detergent powder business.

(Prakash Gianani)

prakash gianani

As a small business owner, I was looking for a wire nail-making machine that was both affordable and reliable, and Creative Industries delivered. The machine is user-friendly, produces nails quickly and efficiently, and has helped me increase my production capacity. I am very satisfied with my investment in Creative Industries equipment.

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When choosing a machine, consider the density of the paper webbing and its capabilities, such as warmer constraints and frame force, to shape the thickest layer of paper raw materials. The paper plate business has immense potential, making plates from various papers like industrial boards, dark panels, producing paper, and greaseproof paper. Customizing paper plates involves embossing logos or promotional graphics, cutting strokes on printed sheets, and chopping paper to the required size for plates using a slicing kick of buckets.

Selecting the perfect paper plate making machine is like picking the brightest star in the sky. Among the vast constellation of options, the one worth its weight in gold is the ‘EcoCraft Plate Wizard.’ It’s not just a machine; it’s a magician! With its eco-friendly prowess and speed, it churns out pristine plates as if conjured by a wizard’s wand. So, if you’re on the quest for plate-making perfection, choose the EcoCraft Plate Wizard – it’s your guiding star in the galaxy of machines.

Raw materials for a paper plate-making machine? Think of it as the artist’s palette for crafting eco-friendly masterpieces! The cost can be as gentle as a whisper or as thunderous as a drumroll, depending on your choices. From the humble paper pulp to the colorful dyes that paint your plates, the price can dance like a butterfly or stampede like a herd of wild horses. So, the real question is, how do you want to paint your plate-making journey – in pastel hues or bold strokes of cost-effective brilliance?

Welcome to ASV Engineering!

At ASV Engineering, we specialize in crafting state-of-the-art paper plate making machines that revolutionize the way you produce paper plates. Our fully automatic paper plate machines are designed to streamline your production process, eliminating the need for manual labor.

With our machines, all you have to do is place a roll of paper on the machine, and it takes care of the rest. The machine effortlessly processes the roll, delivering a perfectly finished product automatically. What’s more, you have the flexibility to customize your plates by easily changing the mould to match your specific requirements.

One of the standout features of our machines is their versatility. Whether you prefer laminated or non-laminated paper, as long as it’s in a roll form, our machines can handle it. This adaptability ensures that you can produce a wide range of paper plates to meet your customers’ needs.

While our fully automatic system excels in creating most paper plate types, we also offer a semi-automatic system for specialized plate shapes like wrinkle plates, buffet plates, and square plates. This ensures that no matter your production needs, ASV Engineering has the right solution for you.

Discover the efficiency, quality, and versatility that ASV Engineering paper plate making machines can bring to your business. Join us in simplifying your production process and boosting your productivity. Let’s shape the future of paper plate manufacturing together.

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